The Science of Weight, Fat Loss

The Science of Weight, Fat Loss

We no longer require proof that the majority of America is either overweight or obese, most of us are. Our nation is more than a billion pounds over the ideal fat threshold and that number is climbing to uncharted astronomical proportions daily. Pandora’s Box has been opened concerning the most pressing health epidemic in our history; what we don’t realize is that we have propped it open and are about to rip the lid off.

Fat loss is a highly complex issue that is more than pushing yourself away from the table, eating healthy, or regular exercise. Not one person on this planet gains or loses fat in the exact same way or rate. Each person has a different and highly individualistic fingerprint or fat loss metabolism that is based on their current health, age, genetics, hormones, stress, readiness level, and environment. As a fat loss expert and personal trainer in Denver, CO, I have helped hundreds of people achieve the solution to the elusive goal of weight loss and permanently keeping it off. The secret is science, and it is so simple that all you have to do is change what you have been taught to believe. However, you must reeducate yourself on what works in reality, not myth. For more articles visit this site Solutiontales.

Before I show you how the science of fat loss works, I want you to think about a few key principles and thoughts that I consider to be bedrock doctrine. First, there is no magic pill, not one. Repeat that to yourself and invest in something with a return. Really look at the word diet, it spells die with a tombstone at the end. I have never known a successful one that lasts very long. 

You measure real progress by showing up, not your current weight on the scale

Though, a measuring stick is necessary for continued improvement and using the appropriate compass keeps you pointing true. You must be conscious of everything that goes into your mouth; is it for fat loss or against it? 90% of all food that comes with a nutrition label is no longer food for weight loss. You read correctly. Weight loss food and frankenfood that has been engineered with a flavor attractant are like oil and water, they don’t work well together. They can coexist with one another but their relationship is based upon tension and repulsion, counterproductive to your fat loss goals. The reason why most people can never keep the weight off is that we are hardwired to eat things that taste better, regardless of the gradual toxicity that leads to obesity related diseases. If you understand that you are no longer eating real food, you have half of the formula. Once you know what food is keeping you fat, don’t bring it in the house any longer or visit that aisle in the grocery store. For you to have any chance of success, start with a very large plastic bag and clean out your pantry and your refrigerator. You have to change the pattern of what you eat or you will always get the same result. Lastly, and this is important, eating “healthy” does not mean or translate into weight loss. Let’s begin there.

The above principles are all addressed in the nutrition plan that I recommend to most of our clients. This plan is oriented toward fat loss through complete lifestyle change. We don’t focus on counting calories, although fat loss is always about calories in calories out, always. I teach portion management of the right kinds of food, and awareness of every eating environment. Satiation or fullness at every meal is vitally important and taste should be its equal. You must learn to enhance the flavor of your food through spice. Think of weight loss food as the right kind of drug or the wrong kind of drug. If you are obese or overweight, more than likely, it is the wrong kind. If your physician prescribes a drug for a medical condition, it may or may not work. Food works in much the same way. It either works for you or it doesn’t. Once you become overweight or obese the impairment and function of your body is compromised. Take a look at your BMI score in a different way. If your BMI score considers you overweight, you are approaching a disease state. If your BMI considers you obese, then you have arrived. Food is a chemical combination that will affect your metabolism, hormones, and the way you store fat in a dramatic way on your journey to disease state. The more impaired your body becomes through fat gain, the more poisonous processed chemical laden food becomes. Let’s undo what you have learned about eating “healthy.”

When I ask most people to name a healthy juice they can include in their weight loss nutrition plan, I hear orange juice as the most quoted product. Orange juice has more than 60 phytonutrients and many of them are identified as flavonoids, which research has shown to be natural antioxidants that help support a healthy cardiovascular system and immune system. Of course it also packs 100% of our daily vitamin C needs as well as many other vitamins and minerals. However, an 8 oz glass of orange juice takes about 4 oranges to make when a portion size is 1 orange. Have you ever seen anyone pour just 2 oz of orange juice? It never happens. The real problem with orange juice is the sugar content of four portions, about 24 grams or half a soft drink. The take-home is this; Regardless of the phytonutrients, flavonoids, antioxidants, or vitamins & minerals in a glass of orange juice, if you’re trying to lose fat, orange juice is not the best choice. Once the fiber has been removed it becomes a sugar bomb and is no longer healthy. We can thank marketing for this long held belief.

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